The Best Place to Get Unique Dog Treats

The Best Place to Get Unique Dog Treats

Have you ever wanted to give your dogs the best dog treats around but all you could find is the boring, brown dog treats pet stores carry?  Woofables bakery is the best place to get gourmet dog treats at affordable prices.  Now you can treat your dog to gourmet dog treats.  We have partnered with them to bring you delicious birthday treats.  They sell clever and uniquely shaped dog treats that your dog is sure to enjoy.  This post will take you through a list of their wonderful treats as well as showing you the treat we have decided to use in our kits.


Pizza Slices

This is a common food for people, but... for dogs?  You can't get these treats at your average pet store.  If you're going to have a birthday party, these pizza slices are the perfect food to bring.




These donuts look just like the real thing.  They even have healthy yogurt frosting!  These delicious treats are perfect for a snack.




Peeps are the perfect Easter treat.  The only problem is that they are loaded with sugar, which makes them very unhealthy for dogs.  Luckily, Woofables bakery has peeps for dogs that aren't loaded with sugar like the kind for people.



We have decided to use these birthday bones with sprinkles.  These treats are perfect for your dog's birthday.  They even come with a candle.



You can find all these treats and more at